Five detained following Eastbuy rubber wristbands online China road accident

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NANCHANG - Five people suspected of causing a road accident that killed 11 in East China"s Jiangxi province have been detained, authorities said Wednesday.

Another 20 people were injured after an overloaded passenger vehicle skidded off the road at around 10:30 am Tuesday in Ningdu county, Ganzhou city, according to the Party committee of Ganzhou.

The local public security bureau said five suspects, including the legal representative of a transport company based in Ruijin city, have been detained.

Initial investigations found 31 people were onboard the 19-seater when it went off the road at a downhill turn and plunged into a 10-meter ditch.

Nine passengers were killed at the scene and two died later. The injured are being treated in hospital.

Further investigation is under way.

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